Nikki Bella’s family attempt to set the 35-year-old up on dates and tell the wrestler her biological ‘clock is ticking’

She recently admitted she tells ex John Cena about all her dates.

But the fact that she’s dating apparently isn’t enough to satisfy Nikki Bella’s family, who have warned the 35-year-old her biological ‘clock is ticking’.

‘I just find it so annoying; from JJ and other people who bring up the fact that, like, “Hey, your clock is ticking!”‘ revealed the professional wrestler during Sunday’s episode of Total Bellas.

The athlete, who was born Stephanie Nicole Garcia-Colace, took offense to a comment made by her brother JJ Garcia during a filmed family trip to new York City.

The 28-year-old teased his big sister that she was ‘ticking’ – after unsuccessfully trying to get her to flirt with a guy. bandar ceme online

‘I get my age, I get that I’m single,’ added the twin sister of Brie Bella. ‘I am damn proud that right now I’m doing things for me.’

Later, the WWE professional’s mom, Kathy, attempted to set he daughter up on a date.

The mother-of-three invited a model named Andre to their family dinner – without asking Nikki first.

‘My family should know that the last thing that I want to do right now is be forced to meet someone and date them,’ complained Nikki.

The San Diego native, who ended her engagement to fellow wrestler John Cena last year, has revealed she still shares plenty with her ex.

‘Oh yeah, I let him know everything. He’s known every date that I’ve been on,’ Nikki confessed to People Now. ‘I have so much respect for him, and this breakup didn’t end bad; we didn’t do bad things to each other.’

Nikki went on to reveal that Cena has even remained friends with her family, and that she would never want to him to find out something important about her personal life from anyone other than her.

‘Anything that I knew that was coming out, anything that I’ve done, I’ve let him know,’ she said.

‘I don’t want him to ever be hurt by it or shocked by it.’